Planet texture packs

Nov 27 2015: Updated textures for Mars

I have replaced the Mars textures with a newly generated set. These updated textures provide higher resolution than the previous set, by integrating the 100m Mars Odyssey THEMIS (Thermal Emission Imaging System) daytime IR global mosaic into the current MOC (Mars Orbiter Camera) based texture set. In addition, the colour balance of the textures was altered to match more closely the Viking colorized mosaic.

You can get the new set from the Mars download page. Please note that the old and new Mars textures should not be mixed. If you already have installed the previous Mars texture set, you should rename or remove your Textures/Mars folder before installing the new set.

Nov 14 2015: New textures for Jupiter, Tethys and Iapetus added

Updated textures have been uploaded for Jupiter, and Saturn moons Tethys and Iapetus. The new textures for the Saturn moons incorporate recent higher resolution colour maps generated by NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Lunar and Planetary Institute. The new Jupiter texture was crated from "Cassini's Best Maps of Jupiter" generated by NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute. All new textures are included in the MinorBodies texture pack (including Jupiter - yes I know). The updated version of this pack must be installed to run the latest Orbiter beta.

Oct 28 2015: New textures for Enceladus added

A new higher-resolution texture for Saturn moon Enceladus has been added to the MinorBodies package. The latest Orbiter beta relies on this texture, so if you want to use the beta, you need to download and install the MinorBodies texture pack, even if you have downloaded it before.

Sep 10 2015: New surface textures for the Moon

The Moon textures have been updated from the LRO LROC-WAC (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Wide Angle Camera) Global Mosaic 100m. The new dataset provides a better visual appearance than the previous Clementine-based textures.

Sep 7 2015: New textures for Dione, Mimas and Rhea added

New textures have been added to the MinorBodies package for Saturn satellites Dione, Mimas and Rhea.

Mar 7 2015: Deimos and Vesta textures added

From Orbiter beta SVN r.13, Deimos and Vesta use new textures and elevation maps. The required files have been combined with the Phobos data into the download. Move the zip file into your Orbiter root directory, and unpack.

Feb 28 2015: Phobos textures added

From Orbiter beta SVN r.12, Phobos uses elevation data and higher resolution textures. The Phobos textures are now part of the MinorBodies pack which also contains the Deimos and Vesta data (see Mar 7 2015 announcement above).

Dec 23 2014: Earth texture changes

There have been some changes to the Earth textures: