Planet texture packs


To run the Orbiter 2015 beta, you must install at least the low-resolution surface pack and the cloud texture pack.

In addition you can download the high-resolution packs, either the complete dataset, or by picking individual tiles from the map picker.

Please note that the Earth textures are still under development. High-resolution coverage is currently only available between latitudes -56.25° and +56.25°. The texture files will be updated periodically.

Low-resolution packs (required)

The low-resolution surface texture pack (, and the cloud texture pack ( are required to run Orbiter 2015 Beta. To install, move the zip files into your Orbiter root directory, and unzip them there, allowing to overwrite existing files if prompted.

EarthLo.zip556008621Dec 22 2014c0d3283fc4ae74a9dc7244389f01d2c2
Earth_Cloud.zip308952162Apr 27 2014c5fb3d6849cc73a774a6910a4526c0ce

Complete high-resolution pack (optional)

This section contains the entire Orbiter 2015 Earth tileset (resolution levels 1-19) as a single 7z archive. The archive has been split into multiple file fragments for ease of downloading.

All fragments must be downloaded before unpacking the dataset.

You need an extraction tool that understands the 7z archive format, such as 7-zip. Move the file fragments into your Orbiter root directory and extract them there. Allow the extractor to overwrite files if prompted.

Earth.7z.0014294967296Dec 23 2014 11:47c4ab28a5819c1a6be4c23eeb4c92a332
Earth.7z.0024294967296Dec 23 2014 11:48e59b83e0d5fc62a35e261f31e8064947
Earth.7z.0034294967296Dec 23 2014 11:49f9b1c7395432ee2952abc7ab93057f45
Earth.7z.0044294967296Dec 23 2014 11:49cfcb9a3bd38550b5a11330468dbcb70b
Earth.7z.0054294967296Dec 23 2014 11:500f69a60a0df1f96fbf4a6012ee53f3a3
Earth.7z.0061209235845Dec 23 2014 11:50c2df6e58aa875c6b5420d9e3f84c0913

Map picker (optional)

Instead of downloading the complete dataset, you can download and install high-resolution tiles for individual geographical areas. Click on tiles in the map below to download the corresponding texture packs.

Move the downloaded zip files into the Orbiter root directory and unpack them.

The global low-resolution pack must have been installed before unpacking any of the high-resolution packs.


The global Earth textures are based on Landsat-7 ETM orthorectified scenes. They have been extensively processed for map projection, colour balance adjustment, seam removal, cloud reduction and coastline merging. Some data processing details can be found here.

The global low-resolution water surfaces, as well as cloud textures and the low-resolution content of the night-light textures, have been adapted from the NASA Visible Earth global textures.

High resolution textures for Florida are derived from 2004 Digital Orthoimage Quarter Quads.

Elevation data are extracted from the SRTM 90m Digital Elevation Database.