Planet texture packs
Q:How do I install the Orbiter beta?
A:Orbiter betas can be checked out from the Orbiter SVN repository. Once you have downloaded the beta, some additional planetary textures not included in the SVN repository must be downloaded separately from here. You need at least the Minimal texture packs, but for best results, the high-resolution content should be installed as well. If you have problems with the beta installation, have a look at David Courtney's excellent video tutorial for a step-by-step guide.
Q:Why aren't the textures included in the beta?
A:The textures are too large to include them in the SVN repository, and not all users may want to download the full resolution packs. By offering them as separate downloads, you can choose what to install.
Q:When the new version is released, will I still need to download textures separately?
A:A working subset of the texture packs (probably equivalent to the Minimal install) will be included in the release download. The full high-resolution packs will still have to be downloaded separetely. If you have already downloaded the large packs for a beta version, they will probably also work for the release, so you won't need to download them again (but I can't guarantee that there won't be any changes).
Q:Why are the texture downloads so big?
A:Planets in the next Orbiter version will support much higher texture resolutions than Orbiter 2010. For example, the Earth textures are derived from Landsat imagery, rather than the Visible Earth-derived textures in 2010. This makes them look much better close up. In addition, local high-resolution aerial images have been used. In the stock distribution, the area around Cape Canaveral provides texture resolutions down to about 1 metre. In the future, additional high-resolution regions may be contributed as addons. On top of this, Orbiter now supports terrain elevation. The elevation data are included in the texture packs, and also contribute significantly to their size.
Q:What about all the other planets and moons?
A:The textures for all other planets and moons included in the Orbiter distribution are still part of the Beta download. So once you have installed the beta, you will already have these textures. Only the very large texture packs that contain high-resolution content and elevation data require separate downloads.
Q:Where can I ask questions and make suggestions regarding the beta textures?
A:In the dedicated thread on